What do you mean by short term loans with no credit check in the UK?

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What do you mean by short term loans with no credit check in the UK?

Due to the pre-mandatory rules and regulations of the United Kingdom’s apex financial control authority, it is nearly impossible to be even considered eligible for a loan, without encountering a sufficient credit background check of the employee. This action was implemented with force due to numerous cases of excessive loans taken by personnel and ultimately filing for bankruptcy as they failed to pay the dues on time cause of excessive debt taken up. This is as a result significantly impacted the economy of the nation. It was after such incidents that the rule of adequately examining the credit score of the loan applicant determining his or her approval for loan amount was initiated.


However, in the United Kingdom, many advertisements are seen billboarded and published claiming to issue loan amounts without prior credit checks. This is significantly false, as what financial institutions mean is that they will soften their background check on the credit history of the loan applicant and give less importance to the amount of credit availed and take into consideration other relevant factors as well, such as consistency of monthly income matching monthly expenses, job stability, etc. To be granted a loan amount, such financial institutions should be convinced enough to treat you as a reliable and eligible applicant even if you possess an adverse credit history, and accordingly disperse loan amounts.


Even if you possess a negative or unfavorable credit history, that does not mean you are not eligible; it just means the financial lenders will take additional steps to ensure you will be able to pay back the loan amount dispersed. Typically, in cases of such applicants, financial lenders or institutions will require applicants to state and provide a guarantor for the loan desired. A guarantor is technically defined as an individual who is responsible for paying the loan amount due if and when the loan applicant fails to do, legally. Due to such heft responsibilities on the guarantor, it is quite difficult to obtain such reliable individuals as guarantors.



Even if you or the loan applicant fails to produce such reliable and valid guarantors, they can decide to opt for no guarantor loans from specialist financial lenders, which can only be availed via good loan brokers. Loan brokers are those individuals who have necessary tie-ups with numerous financial lenders and can help loan applicants in their procedure to avail loans, even when considering an unfavorable credit history.

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