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  • Being unemployed or out of work can be tough on your budget so it’s important to manage well to ensure that you cover all your regular expenses. However, unexpected expenses can crop up no matter how carefully you plan and this may mean that you...

  • Being in the twenty-first century, we understand how expensive the world has become. If your annual income is not more than six lakhs or something, it is an alarming moment for you to sit and calculate your net worth to see what lies in your future. It gives you a clear idea of what exactly is your worth and keeps you in a state where you can think further and get an idea where you must now invest and where you must cut down your expenses and start saving. Understanding the net worth is quite simple. You must keep an account of what you own and what you owe. It is a clean play of assets minus debts. Assets include everything worthy you own, be it a house, car, antiques, art collection, cash or anything else while the liabilities include what you owe on these assets, like the mortgage or the credit card bills, loans on the house and credit cards bills. When you make an account of both and minus the debts from the assets, you get your worth, and that shows what you own and, on these bases, what should be your plans. It gets even more critical with time when you get to know what are recent trends with the finances and shows you where correctly are you doing good and increasing your worth and where you can do even better. It is a fact that your net worth will eventually grow with the hikes you would get, and the debts you would pay. When the property rates will go higher to what you invested, and with the opportunities, you would get to spend in the right place. When it comes to younger people, they usually have the lesser net worth and sometimes even in the negative which quite a rational being in the phase where you make early investments and wait for the paybacks with the time. Many people have limited earnings, and therefore it takes time to pay back the debts one own, and hence the harmful net wort becomes more natural. It just means you owe more than what you own. The biggest culprit of the majority people’s negative net worth is the student loan they took to complete their education which takes ages of interests and payments to get done with the debts. The negative net worth not always means you have been irresponsible and spent more than what you should have had, it just means you now have to careful with what you spend to get your personal finance back on track as soon as possible. The sooner you pay your debts, the early you can make the profits.

  • Personal finance is the account of all the expenses and savings you have done so far. This includes all the credits and debts along with the property you own. Personal Finance can also be evaluated by calculating the net worth. The net worth of a person is all the property he owns, be it a car, house, artifact or anything valuable minus all the loans, debts, credit card bills, or other expenses. The Net worth shows, how much you own and what is your exact value. Responsibility Knowing your net worth is very important. It helps you to evaluate all the debts you owe and give you an alarm about managing it. Personal Finance also includes the investments in the stock market, retirement plans, investment in the insurance policies, the amount deposited in the FDs and permanent funds. It is wise to invest in such systems, they increase your net worth and is beneficial for the future. You must always take an account for saving for the emergencies. You might owe loans and planning the EMI to pay them all back, but you must consider all other options before finalizing it. You must agree into paying the amount which is feasible for you to pay and hence must give it a thought even before applying for the loan. Paying back the mortgage is a hump you have to carry all the while you pay it back. If you agree to pay huge installments every month, you would not be able to save, which is an invitation to the doors of another loan! You must always follow a thumb rule, where you must pay the installment of twenty to twenty-five percent of your monthly income. You must also start saving for the retirement plans from the initial stage. Retirement is a huge process and is a lot more than just finance. It is all your life you have to plan after you would no longer be serving any company, would not have any regular source of income! You must know, where would you be living after retirement, how will you be paying all the bills and expenses. With the departure, you know you are at a stage where there can be a medical emergency anytime. The medical sirens can be for anyone, but either for you or your spouse and hence you must be capable enough to pay all the expenses then! If you start managing your finances from the beginning, the future would not seem difficult.

  • Mutual funds are a pretty great investment option – and it is advisable for everyone to start investing in them as early as possible. But before actually investing in mutual funds, you need to know a few things – it's always best to make an informed decision right? So here we go: You need a lot of patience The market fluctuates at every minute – and you cannot expect your returns to be the same throughout. And you need to have the patience to keep through the ups and downs of the market. Also, buying and selling shares immediately doesn't make sense either. So wait and watch the market scenario and then act. There is no scope for impulsive actions in the mutual fund scenario. You have to hold the duration for a long time to reap the benefits of the money you've invested in mutual funds. Decrease of stock Fix your budget You need to have your goals in mind. Preparing a budget will help you channelize your funds systematically and adequately. And if you have a planned approach towards your finances, it's a lot easy for you to achieve the goals you've set in the time you expect them to. And that's the very objective of investing your money – to reap its benefits when you actually need them – so make sure your goals are well in place. Look for options You should always place your eggs in different baskets – this will help balance out your portfolio. Also, you need to be on a lookout for the variety of options available out there – you never know which fund will fetch you better benefits. Monitoring stock Research Making sure you have your facts and figures well in place will help you a lot – even though you may have hired an agency to carry out your transactions regarding the funds, you need to attempt to consciously keep track of the ups and downs in the market. Slowly and steadily making yourself equipped with all such knowledge will make you well versed enough to take your own financial decisions. Understand the calculations You need to be able to understand the math behind shares – how the calculations run, what are the factors influencing these calculations. It will help you to figure out the net present value, the other essential computations which are crucial elements you need to know – plus, knowing these will help you figure out a lot of different decisions such as reinvesting too.

  • A personal loan may come with riders and a higher rate of interest, but when you have absolutely no option, it emerges as a savior! But when you're signing up for a personal loan, you got to keep these rules in mind – read this post to know all about the rules: Choose the right bank/financial institution Just because a bank is offering you a personal loan at a lower interest rate, don't jump in for it! Have your research in place and make sure you read all the terms and conditions of the loan before actually zeroing down on the lender and signing up for the personal loan. You may even consider a bank in which you have an account for years together, but don't let this stop you from looking out for options – there may be better deals out there which you surely don't want to miss out on. Financing Do up the calculations You don't need to be a financial genius to be able to do the calculations of the interest your loan will accumulate. If you Google, there are a lot of posts and videos which show you how to calculate the rate of interest and the EMI's you would be bound to pay. Make sure the EMI's fit in your budget, without bringing in any strain on your finances -so that you can clear off your dues effortlessly. Don't fall for extra perks There's nothing called as 0% EMI – it's just a marketing gimmick to trick all the laymen who don't understand the financial aspects of loans and EMI calculations. These schemes are even banned, but some traders use this to attract unaware customers. Beware of riders Most of the loans come with terms and conditions in the fine print. And we, lay people, detest reading the fine print! But don't make this mistake – read every detail minutely before you fill up your details and sign the dotted line. You, of course, don't want to regret later, when your lenders state out some extra charges you weren't aware of while signing up for the loan. It's always best to read and ask about all these additional charges well in advance. Keep it easy Don't go about hunting the best lender – shortlist a few and then zero down on the best one. By doing this, you are keeping your approach sorted and not messing your brain with too many choices and options!

  • Due to the pre-mandatory rules and regulations of the United Kingdom's apex financial control authority, it is nearly impossible to be even considered eligible for a loan, without encountering a sufficient credit background check of the employee. This action was implemented with force due to numerous cases of excessive loans taken by personnel and ultimately filing for bankruptcy as they failed to pay the dues on time cause of excessive debt taken up. This is as a result significantly impacted the economy of the nation. It was after such incidents that the rule of adequately examining the credit score of the loan applicant determining his or her approval for loan amount was initiated.   However, in the United Kingdom, many advertisements are seen billboarded and published claiming to issue loan amounts without prior credit checks. This is significantly false, as what financial institutions mean is that they will soften their background check on the credit history of the loan applicant and give less importance to the amount of credit availed and take into consideration other relevant factors as well, such as consistency of monthly income matching monthly expenses, job stability, etc. To be granted a loan amount, such financial institutions should be convinced enough to treat you as a reliable and eligible applicant even if you possess an adverse credit history, and accordingly disperse loan amounts.  

    Even if you possess a negative or unfavorable credit history, that does not mean you are not eligible; it just means the financial lenders will take additional steps to ensure you will be able to pay back the loan amount dispersed. Typically, in cases of such applicants, financial lenders or institutions will require applicants to state and provide a guarantor for the loan desired. A guarantor is technically defined as an individual who is responsible for paying the loan amount due if and when the loan applicant fails to do, legally. Due to such heft responsibilities on the guarantor, it is quite difficult to obtain such reliable individuals as guarantors. Cash   Even if you or the loan applicant fails to produce such reliable and valid guarantors, they can decide to opt for no guarantor loans from specialist financial lenders, which can only be availed via good loan brokers. Loan brokers are those individuals who have necessary tie-ups with numerous financial lenders and can help loan applicants in their procedure to avail loans, even when considering an unfavorable credit history.

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